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January 6, 2024

The Vintage Wiskey & Cigar Bar

Charlotte, NC

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About Tulooo Fresh:

Tulooo Fresh stands as a luminary in the realm of hip-hop, a trailblazing artist whose rhythm-infused verses have resonated across the globe. With an uncanny ability to fuse poignant storytelling with infectious beats, Fresh's music transcends boundaries and speaks to the heart of the human experience. From raw street narratives to introspective musings, Tulooo Fresh's lyrical prowess continues to shape the very landscape of contemporary hip-hop, solidifying a legacy that pulses with authenticity and innovation.

About B Coop:

Behind the curtain of sound shaping, B Coop emerges as the sonic virtuoso who elevates music to its extraordinary zenith. Revered as a super producer, B Coop's unmatched creativity sculpted a new paradigm in the music industry. With an eclectic production style that effortlessly traverses genres, Coop's sonic tapestries provide the heartbeat to hits that resonate deeply. A maestro in the studio, B Coop's collaborations with leading artists stand as a testament to an enduring passion that continues to amplify the rhythm of global music.

Together, Tulooo Fresh and B Coop represent an unstoppable force in the musical realm, a dynamic partnership that brings storytelling and sonic innovation into perfect harmony. With Fresh's lyrical narratives and Coop's masterful production, their collaboration enriches the world, offering an auditory journey that pushes boundaries and defines a new era of musical expression. Welcome to the pulsating world of Tulooo Fresh and B Coop, where words and melodies intertwine to create an unforgettable symphony of sound.

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